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Elysium is Vulcan Forged's carbon-neutral blockchain for metaverses. The first NFTs have been minted and migrated to Elysium as of September 2022.

Design and Specification

Elysium is a high performance blockchain built on the Substrate framework and the underlying engine, it is also EVM Compatible and can work with Solidity Smart Contracts. It is built for NFT and gaming projects in need of a rock-solid blockchain solution. Elysium is carbon-neutral using blockchain solutions that will guarantee true carbon neutrality, through our partnership with Coorest.

Elysium Token Protocols

There are four token protocols used by Elysium. They are the ELS-M1, ELS-20, ELS-721 and ELS-1155.


The ELS-M1 allows interoperability of NFTs between metaverses as well as storing / loading entire MetaScapes plot data.


These are fungible, interchangable tokens that represent a single entity.


Our standard Elysium non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


An NFT with dynamic metadata used in gaming, allowing for data to be changed or upgraded through, for example, progress in a game.

Elysium Node Program Types

Cronus Nodes

Elysium will be guarded and validated by a network of 51 authority nodes using proof of authority (PoA). A blockchain validator is a network node that assists in processing and validating transaction blocks on the platform so that they can be added to the permanent ledger of the blockchain. The Cronus node owners will be known entities.

The Cronus node is a physical node. You will need to rent a server and deploy software to be able to operate this node. Elysium will supply software images for the server to be set up correctly. Some technical knowledge will be required, although an external consultant could be used to cover this. Not everyone will be allowed to own a Cronus Node. Only validated entities can run one. Is it expected that these entities will actively contribute to the future of Elysium. All Cronus Nodes will receive part of the sowing costs, LAVA gas fees on Elysium, and the royalty fees. Cronus nodes can participate in the God Pool and NFT Pool.


  • Full KYC complete
  • Validated and approved by the Vulcan Forged/ Elysium compliance team
  • Node hardware needs to be hosted using a 100% carbon neutral solution
  • The geographical location of the node/ server will be an essential factor. The Elysium team will provide a list of approved and available providers to rent a server
  • The owner must stake at least 50,000 $PYR in the node’s address
  • If the owner moves or spends $PYR, causing the total amount to drop below the threshold of 50,000 $PYR, the owner will be disqualified and replaced by another candidate on the waiting list
  • Downtime will result in fewer rewards. The nodes will be monitored closely.

We will consider applicants from these groups:

  • Partners using Elysium
  • Game developers/companies creating games on Elysium
  • Community contributors (needs to be significant)
  • Vulcan Philosophers (limited slots available)
  • VCs with long term commitment adding value for Elysium

Cronus node holders will receive 169% base generation amount.

Demeter Nodes

VulcanVerse land has always been valuable. With the introduction of the Elysium node program, all owners will receive LAVA for owning land plots at level 4 and above. The staking rewards received through Demeter nodes are completely separate and are therefore in addition to any PYR rewarded through the land staking program.. Pay outs will be dependent on land plot level and can be determined as follows:

Land Plot Level Allocation
Level 4
10% of the Demeter fee pool allocated to all plots
Level 5
18% of the Demeter fee pool allocated to all plots
Level 6
28% of the Demeter fee pool allocated to all plots
Level 7
44% of the Demeter fee pool allocated to all plots


As soon as a land plot changes ownership, a 1 month cooling down period will be activated. The plot will not receive any LAVA from the Demeter Pool during this cooling down period. The rewards will be distributed between the other eligible nodes. in addition, the owner needs to earn at least 200 XP daily to become eligible for the Demeter pool rewards. XP generated by Cedalions is eligible to cover this.

Typhon Nodes

There are six Typhon tiers. A Tier 1 node starts at 2,000 PYR to be locked, all the way up to Tier 6 node which requires 64000 PYR to be locked. Typhon Nodes can be locked for a certain period to increase the rewards. It will be possible to lock your node using a soft-lock mechanism based on snapshots. The additional time-locked staking rewards will be released as soon as the locking period ends. During the staking period, you will receive the normal base generation amount. The cost of the Typhon Nodes are as follows:

Typhon Node Tier Lock Fee
Cyclops Tier 1
2000 PYR
Sphinx Tier 2
4000 PYR
Cerberus Tier 3
8000 PYR
Gorgon Tier 4
16000 PYR
Hydra Tier 5
32000 PYR
Kraken Tier 6
64000 PYR


All Typhon Nodes will receive staking rewards pooled from sowing costs, LAVA gas fees on Elysium, and the marketplace royalty fees. The staking and Base generation amounts for each Tier and staking period is as follows:

Flexible Staking Base Generation Amount
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Tier 6
60 Day Lockup Base Generation Amount
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Tier 6
120 Day Lockup Base Generation Amount
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Tier 6

The above is based on PYR single staking. Your bonus will be distributed back into the main LAVA reward pool if you drop below your locked threshold.

Elysium GOD Pool

Owning a God NFT will enable you to boost your staking rewards you would ordinarily have received as a base generation amount, increasing your income potential as follows:

  • Zeus or Cronus NFT holders will receive a +15% staking reward increase on your base your generation amount
  • All other God NFT holders will receive a +5% staking reward increase on your generation amount.

Please note that the highest god value will be used and Gods are not stackable.

Elysium NFT Pool

Each Vulcanite will provide a minimum 1% extra staking reward to your base generation amount, with additional bonuses for higher-level Vulcanites as follows:

Vulcanite Level
Staking Reward Increase

Base generation Amount

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6

In addition, Vulcanites can be stacked up to a maximum of five. The maximum bonus is 10% on top of the base generation amount rewards you receive.

  • OG Badge Holders will receive a 2.5% staking reward increase for the total reward.

PYR Delegation to Cronus Nodes

The smallest node available within Elysium is the Cyclops node, which as noted above costs 2000 PYR. For those that cannot meet this minimum requirement, you will be able to assign your PYR to a Cronus node. The Cronus node is eligible for rewards based on all the delegated PYR assigned to their node, and will share the rewards. All delegated PYR will be rewarded with an 80% base generation amount, with 75% of this base generation amount being automatically paid to all delegators. The Cronus node owner will retain the other 5%.

Vulcan Forged is in the process of creating a Cronus node dashboard to allow you to view the rewards that each Cronus node will offer to you and will be available within MyForge. The Cronus node owner will also be able to organise events, airdrops, or quests to get more PYR delegators to choose their node. For example, some larger projects owning a node could perform free NFT airdrops.

Elysium Protocols


The Elysium G.I.F.T protocol adds generalised native fee delegation to the Elysium blockchain. This innovative feature allows anyone to use a decentralised application regardless of their knowledge of blockchain technology by removing the toughest barriers for adoption. This basically means the gas fee can be sponsored by anyone for anyone.


The Elysium Magma protocol is mainly used to convert any tokens used on the Elysium marketplace to convert to PYR and/ or Lava. Buying an NFT with any token will output the fees involved in PYR and LAVA using Elysium swap.


The Elysium Surge Protocol will allow users to convert any token stored inside the their wallet as the gas fee. The user can simply choose one of the tokens available and this token will be converted to LAVA in the back-end. This means any token the user owns can be used as the gas fee on Elysium.

LAVA Pools

Vulcan Forged will use pools for LAVA collection and distribution. The pools will continuously collect the LAVA transaction, Marketplace and Sowing fees and distribute to the node holders on a weekly basis. LAVA transaction fees will be distributed to node holders as follows:

LAVA Transaction Pool (%) Allocation
Divided between Cronus and Typhon Nodes
Divided between the Demeter Nodes
Used to fill up the Vulcan Forged gaming pools (for non-Frenzy pass holders)
Donated to the Elysium ecological & environmental pool
Will be burned

The marketplace royalty fees will be distributed like this:

Marketplace Royalty Fees (%) Allocation
Divided between all nodes
Distributed to the foundation treasury
Donated to the Elysium ecological & environmental pool

The LAVA sowing fees will be distributed like this:

LAVA Sowing Fees (%) Allocation
Will be burned
Divided between Cronus and Typhon Nodes

Node NFTs

Cronus and Typhon node NFTs will also provide an additional boost to your node rewards by 10%, as long as you own the exact node as the node NFT. In addition to this, a legendary node NFT will be randomly dropped to existing nodes, and within treasure chests inside VulcanVerse, providing an additional increased bonus reward.

All node NFTs are tradeable on the Vulcan Forged marketplace, but will be subject to a 12% trading fee. 50% of this fee (6%) will flow directly into node LAVA pools, with the other 6% being distributed as per any other marketplace sale.

Eco friendly Node Holders

You can opt-in to be an eco-friendly node holder and donate some of your rewards to the Elysium eco pool. The donation is based on a percentage of your total rewards. using these donations, we will buy real-life trees and create a healthier world. If you decide to donate your tokens, you will receive the following benefits which will differ depending on tier:

  • a special status for your account
  • your in-game avatars will be granted a visual boost
  • your Myforge account will receive an exceptional achievement
  • you will be an eco VIP guest at Vulcan Forged and Elysium events. This will depend on your total donation period and donation total
  • significantly higher potential to receive the legendary node bonus NFT. Note, the node tier will also play a significant role here as higher tiers donate more LAVA to the eco pool compared to lower tiers
  • higher NFT drop rate potential. The node tier will also play a significant role here as higher tiers donate more LAVA to the eco pool compared to lower tiers.

A minimum threshold applies if you want to become eligible for the rewards mentioned above. The amount you want to donate can be adjusted in Myforge, with the minimum donation percentage starting at 2.5%.

Elysium Scan

Elysium progress and transactions can be tracked via the Elysium website: https://elysiumscan.vulcanforged.com/. This covers LAVA price, Latest Blocks, Circulating Supply and Transactions.

Elysium Scan.jpg