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The VulcanVerse logo

VulcanVerse is Vulcan Forged's blockchain based MMORPG, where players can own assets in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Players can own land and build on it, battle Vulcanites, forage for materials, create quests and fish. VulcanVerse is divided into four quadrants (The Underworld of Hades, Gardens of Arcadia, Desert of Notus and Mountains of Boreas) and the central Vulcan City.


VulcanVerse was born as an idea of CEO Jamie Thomson in 2020. Soon came a map and following this, a grid full of 9919 land plots at a scale of 20 x 20m per plot ready for the land sale in October of 2020.


At its most basic, VulcanVerse gameplay for the NFT land owner involves terramorphing and building on a land plot, with building assets that can be constructed with the use of certain foraged materials. Each VulcanVerse player has access to a Vulcanite - this may be an NFT character at level 1 to 7 or a free level 0 non-NFT character. It is the Vulcanite that is able to forage materials. The Vulcanite is also able to battle against other Vulcanites to earn the player XP and, once at a sufficient level, LAVA. Foraging will also bring XP and LAVA depending on the success of the forage - different items have different rarity with XP awards corresponding to this. XP is also awarded for visiting landmarks and completing quests within VulcanVerse.

For the Cedalion or none land owner, the game is the same without the building aspect - the Cedalion can still forage, take part in Vulcanite battles or duels and visit landmarks and quest to earn XP and if at a sufficient level, LAVA.

XP or experience points are the key to upgrading Vulcanites and avatar level and earning LAVA.

Getting Started

In order to access VulcanVerse for the first time, you need to have first:

(1) Created a My Forge account on Vulcan Forged that you will use to sign into the game

(2) Selected a level 0 Vulcanite companion and quadrant allegiance in the 'My Profile' section of MyForge

(3) Purchased a plot of land on the Agora marketplace OR alternatively rented a plot of land via the cedalion program

(4) Downloaded and installed the game launcher from the Vulcan Forged home page

Once all of these prerequisites have been met, you can launch and sign into the game and begin playing.

Hot keys

Below is a list of hot keys for in-game play:

Hot Key Function
Esc Closes various windows
1 Vulcanites Menu: Attack

Build Menu: Run/Walk

2 Vulcanites Menu: Forage

Build Menu: Place Assets

3 Vulcanites Menu: Spy

Build Menu: Terramorph

4 Vulcanites Menu: Rest

Build Menu: Change textures

5 Build Menu: Add/Remove water
Q top view mode
X switch from build to vulcanite mode
I shows inventory bag
W move forward
S move backwards
A strafe left
D strafe right
Space jump
- decrease max build height and depth
+ increase max build height and depth
P show/hide plot lines
M show map and plots you own
Shift when in certain windows holding shift allows tool tips
Tab selects asset to place from library when in build mode 2
F8 takes screenshots
H hide all HUDs