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Vulcanites are the primary companion creatures of VulcanVerse. These formidable beasts are NFTs that are represented in VulcanVerse as 3D companion characters with various abilities. Vulcanites have utility in other games, such as Berserk and Forge Arena. Each Vulcanite is unique and has skills that can be powered up. All Vulcanites have specific lore and belong to one of the four quadrants.

Amount, Level & Editions

At present, 26 Vulcanites have been released with yet more in development. Each Vulcanite has a level and an edition, both of which are represented on the NFT card. The level signifies the Vulcanite's skill-set limits, and their edition indicates how many NFTs have been or will be minted in total.

How to obtain a Vulcanite

Vulcanites can be purchased or traded for in the Marketplace — on occasion, they can also be won through competitions or quizzes hosted on the Vulcan Forged social media accounts, particularly Discord and Telegram. Vulcanites will also be able to be summoned in VulcanVerse by finding various items and scrolls required to bring that Vulcanite to life! Vulcanites are NFTs, so you will need to set up your My Forge account to store them.

Vulcanites vary in rarity, from the 500 editions of a level 1 Hades Wolfshadow to the ultra-rare 50-edition Boreas Asterion. This rarity has made the demand for high-level low-edition Vulcanites on the marketplace soar!

Choosing a Vulcanite

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing a Vulcanite.

Do you have land in VulcanVerse? If so then getting your first Vulcanite is key to your journey inside the world. Every account can choose their first level 0 Vulcanite from the “My Companion” tab in your My Forge account. There are 8 level 0 Vulcanites to choose from, a level 0 Vulcanite has unlimited editions and is not an NFT, but has all of the functionality of one as far as use throughout the Vulcan Forged ecosystem goes.



In VulcanVerse, your Vulcanite will be your companion and will follow you, unless you tell them not to. In almost all situations, Vulcanites can perform the same core tasks, though the ability of each Vulcanite varies. Vulcanites have stats for each of these tasks. These tasks are as follows:

⦁ Attack (Battle) — if in battle mode, your Vulcanite can fight other players’ Vulcanites. This will earn you Lava — more if you win, but still a little if you lose.

⦁ Forage — send your Vulcanite out foraging. Distance traveled to a foraging spot can be limited depending on both the level of your Vulcanite and their individual foraging stat, as can the time it takes to forage and the likelihood of finding a rarer item. Items can include PYR pits and NFT items.

⦁ Espionage — your Vulcanite can spy on plots owned by other players with the hope of retrieving a blueprint for a new item or asset for you to use in your build. If a plot is defended by a Vulcanite, this task can be made more difficult, but again, each Vulcanite has an espionage stat that dictates how well they can spy. (This is not an active ability yet.)

⦁ Defend — other landowners will send their Vulcanites out to spy too. They could come to your plots to take blueprints for assets that you have worked to obtain. The way to stop them? Set a Vulcanite to defend your plot. Each Vulcanite can defend one single plot. (Currently, defending only prevents other lower-level Vulcanites from foraging on your plot.)

For each of the above, it’s often a benefit to check and be aware of the stats for each Vulcanite — as if you have more than one Vulcanite you’ll want to ensure you have the best Vulcanite for the job at hand. Vulcanite stats rise with level — a level 3 Vulcanite will generally have better stats than a level 1 Vulcanite, though there are some exceptions to this rule.

Use of high level Vulcanites

As you level up your avatar and land, you will be able to use any Vulcanite from the quadrant your land is based in with a level matching or lower than that of your land level with 100% of the stats available. If you use your Vulcanite inside another quadrant a minor decrease (-10%) will be applied to your Vulcanite's stats.

For example, if you have a level 5 Vulcanite from the Hades quadrant, you must first level your avatar to level 5 before you can use this Vulcanite in VulcanVerse.

However, as mentioned, you will always be able to use this Vulcanite in other Vulcan Forged games and dApps without any restrictions.


You are able to choose a Vulcanite at the beginning of a Berserk game. This Vulcanite will wield influence over how you play.

Forge Arena

You can select an amount of owned Vulcanites to be part of your Forge Arena team.

Vulcanite Stats

Venomtail, a Level 1 Vulcanite representing the Desert of Notus

Level 0 Vulcanites
Vulcanite name Quadrant Attack Defense Forage Espionage Number of editions
Fae Fox Arcadia 625/1250 500/1000 1000/2000 375/750 unlimited
Spirit Owl Arcadia 375/750 250/500 625/1250 1250/2500 unlimited
Drakonewt Notus 750/1500 625/1250 750/1500 375/750 unlimited
Royal Caladriole Notus 375/750 1000/2000 375/750 750/1500 unlimited
Corpse Rat Hades 625/1250 625/1250 1000/2000 250/500 unlimited
Storm Crow Hades 625/1250 500/1000 750/1500 625/1250 unlimited
Orestiad Goat Boreas 625/1250 750/1500 750/1500 375/750 unlimited
Mountain Sprite Boreas 500/1000 500/1000 750/1500 750/1500 unlimited
Level 1 Vulcanites
Vulcanite name Quadrant Attack Defense Forage Espionage Number of editions
Phearei Arcadia 500/1000 500/1000 1000/2000 3000/6000 300
Venomtail Notus 500/1000 500/1000 1000/2000 3000/6000 300
Wolfshadow Hades 1000/2000 1000/2000 2500/5000 500/1000 500
Tomyios Boreas 500/1000 500/1000 3000/6000 1000/2000 500
Level 2 Vulcanites
Vulcanite name Quadrant Attack Defense Forage Espionage Number of editions
Aelio Boreas 1250/2500 1250/2500 2500/5000 5000/10000 200
Alpha Arcadia 2000/4000 2000/4000 4000/8000 2000/4000 200
Soter Arcadia 500/1000 1500/3000 4000/8000 4000/8000 200
Syna Notus 2000/4000 2000/4000 4000/8000 2000/4000 300
Trapjaw Hades 2500/5000 2500/5000 2500/5000 2500/5000 200
Level 3 Vulcanites
Vulcanite name Quadrant Attack Defense Forage Espionage Number of editions
Satyr Arcadia 2000/4000 1500/3000 5500/11000 6000/12000 300
Velosina Arcadia 3000/6000 3000/6000 5000/10000 4000/8000 200
Chthonius Notus 4000/8000 4000/8000 3000/6000 4000/8000 200
Medusa Hades 2000/4000 2000/4000 6000/12000 5000/10000 200
Lost shade Hades 4000/8000 4000/8000 3500/7000 3500/7000 300
Helikon Boreas 4000/8000 2500/5000 3500/7000 5000/10000 200
Level 4 Vulcanites
Vulcanite name Quadrant Attack Defense Forage Espionage Number of editions
Thunder Boreas 5000/10000 10000/20000 2500/5000 2500/5000 200
Blubberjaw Hades 5000/10000 10000/20000 2500/5000 2500/5000 200
Level 5 Vulcanites
Vulcanite name Number of editions Quadrant Attack Defense Forage Espionage
Kopis 100 Boreas 7500/15000 7500/15000 7500/15000 2500/5000
Kallisto 100 Arcadia 8000/16000 8000/16000 6500/13000 2500/5000
Chiron 100 Arcadia 7500/15000 7500/15000 7500/15000 2500/5000
Nemean 100 Notus 7500/15000 7500/15000 8750/17500 1250/2500
Charon 100 Hades 10000/20000 5000/10000 2500/5000 7500/15000
Level 6 Vulcanites
Vulcanite name Quadrant Attack Defense Forage Espionage Number of editions
Asterion Boreas 10000/20000 10000/20000 5000/10000 5000/10000 50
Numatox Notus 5000/10000 5000/10000 10000/20000 10000/20000 50
Level 7 Vulcanites
Vulcanite name Quadrant (Stats unknown) Number of editions
The Death Dealer Hades 1
The Silver Warrior Boreas 1
The Moon Maid Arcadia 1
Typhon<ref></ref> Hades 10


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